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2500T Crane Vessel/ 200 person’s accommodation capacity

Vessel Specific Characteristics

The vessel was built in 1980 and refurbished in 2016, the barge operates in the Caspian Sea and can operate in all water depths. The main crane has two hooks capable of 1250 T each as well as a crawler crane for smaller material handling, the vessel is capable of varied construction works with the capacity to operate down to 203 meters below water line. Accommodation consists of single, two and four person cabins, for 195 persons. The flotel services consist of gymnasium, mess hall, TV room and cinema.

General Data


Year built / Place of build



Port of registry

Call sign

IMO number 

Main crane capacity

Construction crane barge

1980, Blohn Voss Hamburg, Germany






2500 t (2 x 1250 t) / 400 t / 30 t


Length overall
Length between perpendiculars  
Moulded Depth       
Depth to working deck  
Depth to main deck
Minimum draft          
Operating (summer) draft
Maximum  Draft   
Gross Tonnage     
Net Tonnage    
Light ship displacement   
Deadweight max 
Deck working area   
Deck Strength 

126.89 m
120.00 m
34.69 m
7.50 m
11.00 m
7.50 m
4.50 m
5.55 m
6.50 m
5.56 m 
13336 t
4001 t
7 525 t
5923 t 
1000 m2 (approximately)
10 t/m2 Frames 15-20


Fuel Oil
Fresh Water 
Potable water production 
Ballast water 
Lub oil  
Fuel consumption stand-by mode   
Fuel consumption operational mode 
Portable water consumption standby mode
Portable water consumption operational mode
Oily water storage  
Accommodation (certified)          
Accommodation maximum 

685 m3
1 138 m3
60 m3 per day 
7712.3 m3
29.3 m3
8 m3 per day
36 m3 per day
5.0 m3 per day
50 m3 per day
74 m3
195 persons
200 persons

Main Crane Capacity

2 x independent hooks with a maximum capacity of 1250 t each or 2500 t combined. Suitable for surface and subsurface work. Stbd main block capable of 184 meters below surface at 23 meters outreach, or 206m below surface at 50 m radios.Auxiliary hoist has a 400 t capacity, and can reach to 203 meters below surface at 30 meters radius.


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