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Israfil Huseynov1.JPG

Israfil Huseynov

146.5 M /Pipe Laying Barge

Vessel Specific Characteristics

Israfil Huseynov, is a Pipe Laying barge, capable of carrying 277 persons as per the certification and additionally can carry up to 301 persons with a dispensation (i.e. in temporary installed accommodation). Passenger comfort is enhanced through provision of cinema gym and sauna. Appropriate client and contractor office space are available.The vessel is able to lay pipe from 8 inch through to 48 inch diameter via stinger and 2 x 175 t tensioners

General Data


Year built / Place of build



Port of registry

Call sign

IMO number 

Pipe layer

1988 Finland/Mantyluoto

(RMRS) KE  1 R1






 Length Overall  
Moulded Length of Hull
Length between Perpendiculars
Moulded Breath  
Depth from Main Deck at side 
Depth from Main Deck CL
Gross Tonnage    
Net Tonnage  

146.20 m
120.00 m
115.20 m
33.00 m
12.67 m
13.00 m
7.00 m
5 278 t
5 278 t
7 211 t      

Pipe lay capabilities

Minimum pipe outside diameter 
Maximum pipe outside diameter 
Minimum lay depth   
Maximum lay/mooring depth

219 mm
1219 mm
10 m
550 m

Pipe handling equipment

Longitudinal conveyers (powered) 
Longitudinal conveyors (idle) 
Middle transverse conveyors 
Main transverse conveyor 
Pipe storage rack (for main transverse conveyor) 

24 x 25t SWL
3 x 25t SWL
1 x 25t SWL
1 x 100t SWL
1 x 100t 

See Detailed Specification Sheet


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